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At Museum on 9/11, Talking Through an Identity Crisis

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:28 pm    Post subject: At Museum on 9/11, Talking Through an Identity Crisis
From Jun 04, 2012 to Jun 08, 2012 (included)
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Dear Editor,
I write to you today in ref to the article by Patricia Cohen, titled "At Museum on 9/11 , Talking Though an Identify Crisis".
Please forward this commentary to her.

There are a number of issues covered in this story, each having some importance to those who lost loved ones, the survivors, the people who
continue to live, work, and consider the city their home, and Americans at large. Respecting all of the interests is a daunting task, some are fueled
by the immense loss, some a need to look to the future, others to return to the lives they lived prior to the events of September 11, 2001.

As a father who lost a daughter, Colleen Ann Meehan Barkow, I can tell you honestly that some of the commentary in this article
arouse a strong emotional response, some which are still filled with sorrow and anger, others with emotional responses of knowing that
there have been individuals in this story, such as Edie Lutnick, who have touched some many lives, and helped to heal countless broken hearts.


Ms. Greenwald and Mr. Daniels continue to state that the placement of the human remains in the possession of the Medical Examiner, inside
the museum is a promise kept to return them to bedrock. Having lived through the horror and what transpired at the land fill, I assure you that
what the families advocated in the initial aftermath of 9/11 was the return of the ashen remains from the landfill to what was then called :Ground Zero".
That was before it became known that the ashen remains were bulldozed back into the landscape of the Fresh Kills Land fill. For which the Mayor and Sanitation Department appear to have no remorse for doing, I might note.

The concept of placing the remains inside the museum was revealed just prior to the 10th anniversary. The article hails the effort by Mr. Daniels to be inclusive to the decision making process. A process I find fault with . As a resident of New Jersey, in eight years except for the solicitations for monetary support, I received no formal communications from Mr. Daniels, Ms. Greenwald, the City of New York, The Mayor's office on this plan, either to obtain consent, approval or acknowledgment of placing the remains inside the museum.
But the real question Mr. Daniels and Ms. Greenwald failed to answer is "Who Owns the Dead? ", It is not the museum staff, the Medical Examiner, or even the Mayor of York, only the next of kin, have that right. To deny any family member, is to deny all, it is unconceivable that the Museum staff were not able to accomplish
the task of affording ALL the families a way to render a response on how the remains were to be reposed.


For many family members the error lies in that to forge a concept that blurs the line between what exists as a museum, and what constitutes a memorial , is in opposition to those believe the remains deserve a sacred (holy) place separate and distinct from the museum. With free access to the public to pay their respects, Not a "Pay for Pray " option which is included in the price of admission to the museum. For how will a society be judged that does not preserve the remains of these victims in a sacred and consecrated manner and place, for all to be able to page homage too, without having to pay the price of an admission.


Although the museum and memorial carry the name " The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum", the name may not be true until the sale of the name is completed to the National Park Service, which in return will fund millions each year, a sale which is still pending in Congress. The claim that this funding will pay for salaries and staff which in turn will keep the price of the entrance to the Museum within the reach of the average American is yet to proven.

These are my personal concerns, and I think are reflective of other family members, and those whose religious beliefs believe the victims remains deserve more
that be secured behind a wall, seven floors beneath the surface of the memorial, in a museum. That is not to say that all of the efforts of the those mentioned
above are not without merit, the reflective pools, the remembrance of names in granite are a beautiful tribute to the lives lost, For all the good things, Thank You.


Thomas J. Meehan III
for verification only
7 Trent Drive
Toms River NJ 08757
732-240-7543 residence
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