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Burial Questioned in Another Light

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 3:41 pm    Post subject: Burial Questioned in Another Light
From May 03, 2011 to May 07, 2011 (included)
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Osama Bin Laden Buried at Sea -
Accorded Proper Burial In Accordance with Islamic Law

Victims of 9/11 Remains Bulldozed in the World's Largest Landfill
Fresh Kills, Staten Island - ME to Store Victims Remains At Ground Zero
Denied A Proper Burial - Consent Denied - Violation of Religious Beliefs

Strange as it seems, these two headlines, one being seen in papers today, the other never seen, remains an injustice perpetrated by the city of New York and a Mayor who has denied the right to a proper burial to the victims of September 11, 2001.

The city has a long reputation of being a city "That Does Not Welcome the Dead", it has not dealt well with other burial sites within its borders during its past history, from Slaves found in lower Manhattan to the ashen remains in the landfill.

The city chose to bulldoze the ashen remains of those lost on 9/11 , the, small bone fragments and human tissue which could not be use to indentify the victims, and which were isolated at the landfill, without the knowledge or permission of the families. The Sanitation department bulldozed these
fines in the landscape of what was then know as hills one and nine. Families, even after nine years must obtain permission and schedule a visit to the landfill, and must be be escorted to these mounds of un-consecrated - un-holy land masses to this date.

While the city will honor the effort of the volunteers who live with the horrific memories of their efforts at the landfill. (we will always remain thankful for the efforts of all those that worked the landfill, they should remain in our prayers, and receive all of the help they need).
the simply truth is that the human remains have been covered up with construction fill and will not be acknowledged as being there for eternity.
Family members will not survive, until the passage of time allows the methane gas to be removed and transformation of the landfill to be complete.

Nowhere is there an acknowledgement of our loved one's remains interment at the landfill. An Un-holy,un-consecrated land mass that now contains the victims remains with garbage beneath them and construction fill on top of them.

(Expect for the Borough of Carteret, in NJ, opposite the landfill, which has a plaque acknowledging the remains at the landfill , and from which you can see across the Arthur Kill and see the hills known as One & Nine).)

For the 1,000 families which did not receive any remains, this is a tragedy and injustice which should not be forgotten, even if it will never be corrected.

The city even after a lengthily court battle which rose to the level of the Supreme Court,denied the remains of the landfill, have now endorsed a plan conceived by the memorial & museum staff, with an approval of an "Advisory Board" of 9/111 organizations which again, from my viewpoint will for all practical purposes deny a proper burial, this time for the remains that are still being held by the Medical Examiner, history is repeating itself.
One can only ask why did they think that had the power to take away the next of kin right to the decide where their loved ones remains would be reposed ?

To place them in an unholy & unconsecrated repository,is to again foster another injustice upon all the families of the victims of September 11, 2001. The decision to place these remains at the site of the Museum ,without the expressed consent of the next of kin of the victims is another injustice which if not corrected, should not be forgotten.

Why can my government provide a proper burial to the man responsible for the death of my daughter and 3000 other victims,
but cannot provide a proper burial for its victims?
This is question each of us should be asking, of our own elected officials, the Mayor, The Advisory Board, and the Memorial & Museum Staff, the 9/11 Advisory Board Members and those defending this choice.

Thomas J. Meehan
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