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Friend from Middle East comments on Cordoba Mosque

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:29 pm    Post subject: Friend from Middle East comments on Cordoba Mosque
From Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:00 am to Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:59 am (included)
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Recieved from Bill Doyle from a family member



Also sent this from a family who received it from a marine

Fwded to me by a Marine Corps buddy of Al's.

Tony's friend from Middle East comments on Cordoba Mosque

This is what you and I have sensed in our gut to be true.

The following are the views of a good friend who is originally from the Middle East and lived there for many years. He is very fluent in Arabic, French, and English. English is his third language. My friend is the most knowledgeable person I know regarding Islam, the Koran and the Hadiths, Middle East cultures and ME history. He is also a devout Christian and Bible student. When I want to understand issues in the Middle East or concerning Islam, I go to him.

I asked him what the Islamic world was saying about the Corbova (or Cordoba) mosque being built at "ground zero" and what it would mean. The following is his response. No matter what spin others may put on this issue, I consider the views of my friend as "gold". I urge you to consider his views.

Surprisingly, I haven't read anything that is mentioned about this subject in the arabic newspapers that I read.

My thoughts and opinion on this subject, I can confidently say that:

1) the building of the mosque at ground zero is not a gesture of "good faith" as the Islamists are pretending by saying that the mosque and its center will help promote tolerance and rapprochment between Islam and the west. Unfortunately, and forgive me for saying this, Americans being good hearted people by nature, are very naiive and haven't learned anything from history or from current events. They don't realize yet that Islam is like cancer eating their vital cells little by little.

2) if the project of building the mosque goes forward into execution, and I sadly expect it to happen, the islamic world is going to consider this as a great victory to them and to their mission of islamizing the world. I can never forget in my life when I once heard one of the well known saudi imam saying boastly and proudly on TV after Pope John-Paul II granted them a land to build an islamic cultural center on the Vatican: "We muslim are gaining twofold, one time by building a cultural centre and a mosque in the vatican and a second time by forbidding them from building a church in the kingdom (of Saudi Arabia), to Allah be all the praise".

3) One of Mohammed's famous quotations that is constantly and frequently repeated by moslems these days:" War (Jihad) is a game of deception". When muslims are a minority in a country and don't have the upper hand yet, like in the USA for example, they are called on to resort to deceive their enemies by pretending they are a people of peace, the same as they are doing now to gain approval for building the mosque at ground zero by falsely claiming that this will help to bridge and strengthen the realtionship between islam and the USA and will put an end to the 9/11 calamity. They do that maliciously under the term Al-taqqiya or dissimulation (you can google it and read about how Muslims throughout history used dissimulation to advance their cause and gain ground).

4) As for chosing the name Cordoba for the new mosque, this is a very interesting matter:
Cordoba is a very pleasant word and name very dear to the heart of muslims. Cordoba symbolizes the glory of Islam and an era when Islam reached its most high climax. This goes back to the early days of "foutohaatts" (litteraly meaning conquering or claiming new lands for islam) when the Arabs under the Califass who succeded Mohammed conquered Spain and made the city of Cordoba (in south spain in the area called Al-Andalus) their new capital. During that time Islam had reached its maximum of success and development in Litterature, music and science. Muslim always dream of the time when Cordoba was the capital for it reminds them of the time they were very strong.

hope this helps...
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