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PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:59 am    Post subject: WE NEED A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE
Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:00 am
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To All,

Over the past 8 years we have done many things that people said could not be done.

I now ask you for one more favor.

Please read the e-mail below.

Kerry is a good friend of mine who has done countless great things for our community.

Letís try for a Christmas miracle and get him a donor.

Please pass this on to all your distributions and list serves.

Letís blanket the country through Facebook and other social media outlets.

ďThose who donít believe in miracles, donít believe in themselvesĒ

I believe in miracles and I believe in you.

Letís do this for Kerry



Hello Everyone.......

It's easier to do an e-mail blast like this, rather then to try to explain it over the telephone, and break down every time I have to tell this story..........as it stands right now, I am not eligible for a Liver Transplant, as I do not have "Liver Disease", I have "liver cancer", which does not fit the criteria for a liver transplant from the national transplant organization ......... How I made it through life without a liver disease, amaze's even me !

Since my liver is in perfect condition, and working, I cannot get on the liver transplant list, I have to find my own Donor..... Problem #2:....... Me being of Irish decent, I have O Positive blood type, the hardest to find. So I have to ask one of you for a donation of a piece of your liver ............

The type of cancer I have is extremely aggressive : hepacellular carcinoma...... 20 months ago, it grew from 3 centimeters to half my liver in two week's time........It's growing fast again, I go in to Mount Sinai on Tuesday for what is called an Hepatic Arterial Chemoembolization (whew, big word!) .......

What that is, is this.... they will put a fiber optic tube in to my liver through my groin area, in to my liver, they will burn the cancer, radiate it, then encapsulate it in a chemo to keep it from spreading into my bloodstream, if the cancer gets into my blood, I am dead.......period

This will last about 2 months, then the cancer will start to break through it, and I will have to have it done again, and again...

So, I need to ask all of you, to consider giving me a piece of your liver..... an e-mail is a little impersonal , but it has been so hard on me, saying this over and over on the telephone to those of you I have spoken with so far.....that I have to do it this way, Vicky walks around crying every time I make a phone call, and it just adds to the difficulty in explaining the situation

You would be in the hospital for 3 days, and would have to take it easy for one week........your missing piece will grow back within 30 days........ Since our blood type is so hard to get a donor from, the surgeon will also use a small piece of your liver, and implant it in an yet, unknown baby. You will save two live's ...........

You can be any type "O" blood, Plus or Minus, and must be younger then 55 years old............The donation does not have to be from a family member, it can be from anyone with "O" Type blood

I have CC'ed some of my friends at the Natural Resources Protective Association and some of our compatriots in this e-mail, as it really is difficult explaining this time and time again. So I had to inform them about this, In this e-mail too ......



Mr. Kerry Sullivan

718 720-5951

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