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Terrorist Trials and 9/11 Health Care

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:07 pm    Post subject: Terrorist Trials and 9/11 Health Care
From Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:00 am to Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:59 am (included)
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Saturday there will be a rally in New York City to voice the concerns of many individuals who feel that the trials of the 9/11 terrorists belong in a military tribunal and not in Federal court in NY.

We support this effort for many good reasons (see below) but are very concerned that once again 9/11 is being used as a tool to support political agendas.

We are also concerned that political groups are making statements as if they speak for all the 9/11 families.

The fact of the matter is that there is not one 9/11 opinion.

If 9/11 showed us anything it was that this vicious attack did not discriminate and people of all faiths, nationalities and ways of life were killed.

The great thing about America is that we are allowed to voice our opinion.

We have a government that allows us this right, along with the many other rights which were were also attacked on 9/11.

We must never forget this.

While we may feel that our opinion is correct we must not assume that it is the only opinion that warrants consideration.

While I applaud the effort to try to get the government to change its position on this matter I do not want to see this as a way to use 9/11 to promote political agendas as has happened in the past.

Arguments should be presented and evaluated on their merits and not on what side of the political fence we may find ourselves.

That being said (and this is just my opinion)

I believe that these terrorists are war criminals and should be treated as such.

They were arrested by the military and should be tried by the military.

I am very concerned that legal maneuvers will be deployed in criminal court by the defense that the accused were not properly advised of their Miranda rights required in criminal court and that this ploy may be used to get the charges dismissed.

I am also concerned that through discovery the defense may demand that all documents relating to 9/11 be made public and that this could detrimental to national security.

As for the location of the trial I do not feel that it should take place in New York City.

Although the city was the most directly impacted in the country we cannot afford what it will take to secure downtown Manhattan.

This trial may last for years and cost and security issues do not warrant it taking place in New York.

We also do not need to give these terrorists a platform to promote their Anti American doctrines blocks away from where they killed nearly 3,000 people.

A more logical location would be Shanksville Pennsylvania.

We should construct a courthouse in the area where United Airlines flight 93 crashed, away from any major city.

This area would be easily secured at a fraction of the cost of a trial in NYC and when the trial completes the building could be used as a museum/memorial to those who died there on 9/11.

This location would work for either a military or criminal venue.

Again this is just my opinion.

On a topic that is just as important, I am concerned that while everyone is concentrating on this issue we are losing site of the fact that people continue to die as a result of 9/11 as the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act continues to be ignored in committee.

Even though this bill had enough votes to pass it has been placed in committee and will not even be considered until the current Health Care Bill is sorted out.

People continue to die as a result of illnesses they contracted because of 9/11 and the government refuses to move this bill forward because of the political football that National Health Care has become.

The first question I would ask of any elected official that might show up on Saturday is what are they doing to get this bill out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.

If they can afford to spend hundreds of millions in pork to buy Congressional votes on National Health Care they can certainly do something for those with 9/11 related illnesses.

This bill would provide medical care to many of those who are now sick because the EPA, an agency of the government, told them that there were no concerns as to the quality of the air after 9/11 even though they knew that what they were reporting was inaccurate.

So on Saturday I hope that those who are sick and those who continue to die as a result of 9/11 are not forgotten.

And I hope that we are able to convince the current Commander in Chief that these terrorists need to be tried in military tribunals.
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Joined: Mar 17, 2005
Posts: 22572
Location: Staten Island

PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:25 pm    Post subject: Jill A. Pall: Views Regarding the Trials Being Held in NYC Reply with quote

Views Regarding the Trials Being Held in NYCShare
Today at 11:26am
As many of you know, I have been hounded by the media to give my statement regarding the trials being held in NYC. I have put together the following to summerize what I feel comfortable sharing with the press. For me, it's all about feeling safe and secure. Side note: For the most part, I've been doing okay on that front, that is until the lovely lawyer who spoke out right after the AMA awards. You know, the guy who said that he advised the admitted mastermind of September 11th and his terrorist pals to plead not guilty so they would be able to use the NYC courtroom as a forum to spew their hatred of America? Yeah. That kind of pushed me over the edge seeing that this man is a New York resident and claims to be American. Oh, and then he added in an interview that he wanted to expose our country's practices of war. Seriously though, if this man hates America that much, why doesn't he go move to one of these other countries? Cause not for nothing, but what the hell is wrong with this man? Was he not affected by September 11th? WOW....

Anyway, here are my little sound bites, if you will.

Last winter President Obama invited 9/11 families to the White House to explain why he was suspending the military hearings and shutting down Guantanamo Bay. Yet, he did not have the decency to inform family members of the intent to move the trials to NYC before sending out a press release to the media.

This is the same administration that still refuses to help sick 9/11 first responders but is willing to grant self admitted terrorist a fair trial in NYC. Something is very flawed in our political system's values.

Here we have an administration that cannot even handle security at a private dinner, yet, promises NYC will be secure during a terror trial. Perhaps our President should consider moving the trial to the community where he lives with his family.

I am curious to find out how many people who are supporting the terror trials being held in NYC actually are residents of the City or work here.

Instead of being happy that I am one of the lucky ones to still have a job in this economy, each morning since it was announced that the terror trials would be held in NYC, I stand on the subway platform and pray that for the 40 minutes I will be underground, nothing happens.

NYC is in the middle of a severe economic crisis, our police and fire departments are undergoing severe cuts. It is completely irresponsible for Mayor Bloomberg to even think that our City is prepared to handle something of this magnitude when budgets are being drastically reduced. This is complete misallocation of NYCís limited resources and one of the most important arguments for not holding the trials here.

Will Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Paterson and President Obama be held responsible should something happen in NYC during the terror trials?

Half jokingly, we have talked about filing an injunction against President Obama for endangering the welfare of NYC to stop the trials from being held here.

On September 11, 2001, while my heart ached for those who were lost, I realized I was blessed to be a native New Yorker. The way that everyone banded together, did what they knew was necessary and put others before themselves was absolutely amazing. In a world filled with selfishness and egos, I have always taken tremendous pride knowing one simple fact- I am and always will be an American. And, this is something no terrorist, no special interest group and certainly no politician claiming to do the right thing can ever take away from me.

I remember speaking at a Community Board 1 meeting back in 2003 on behalf of the family advisory committee. My statement was short and to the point. I asked that the City give us the footprints because we had already given so much. Now, I ask the Mayor, Governor and President to give us NYC. Our safety and our security. As an American and New Yorker, I can only hope they listen.

-Jill A. Pall
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