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Truth in Advertising...Not on the Campaign Trail

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:04 am    Post subject: Truth in Advertising...Not on the Campaign Trail
From Tue Oct 14, 2008 3:00 am to Sun Oct 19, 2008 2:59 am (included)
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Did you ever wonder why our political candidates can get away with out right lies during their campaigns and never be held accountable?

Watching some of these campaign ads I get flash backs to the old "Crazy Eddie" ads in the 70's.

He would promise everything just to get you into the store, and for those not familiar, the company wound up going bankrupt with one of the owners in jail.

Prior to every election we have the same thing.

Candidates promising you everything just to get your vote.

We even have campaigns turning a blind eye to voter registration fraud and again no one is held accountable.

A perfect example is what is going on in Florida.

Representative Tim Mahoney replaced Mark Foley who quit after being accused of sending lewd messages to teenage boys.

Now Mahoney who ran with the campaign slogan "Restoring America's Values Begins at Home" is involved in his own sexual scandal.

The trouble allegedly began when his mistress wanted to break off their relationship because she found he was cheating on her.

There are also accusations of the mistress being given a job and also being offered hush money.

This is an extreme example but it goes to our point.

How can we believe anything candidates say?

We have Presidential candidates promising to get us out of this Depression without any significant tax increases.

We have Presidential candidates promising to end the war without any ramifications.

We have Presidential candidates promising the world and everyone knows that 90% of these promises will not be delivered.

But they continue to be allowed to make these promises and nobody holds them accountable.

A few months ago we suggested that all candidates be required to sign a political pre-nup (see below)

This document would hold them accountable for any crimes or ethical offenses they commit while in office.

Maybe it should include delivery of campaign promises as a requirement as well.

Even if the candidates delivered a fraction of what they promised the country would be in much better shape.

But selective memory seems to kick in once they are elected and that my friend is the problem.

These people are no better than the heads of the banks and corporations who have been allowed to bankrupt our economy.

And just like these execs who promised that everything was OK right up until their companies went belly up these elected officials will walk away with their own golden parachutes at the taxpayer's expense as the country falls further and further in debt.

Maybe some "Truth in Advertising" on the campaign trail would be a step in the right direction in getting our country back on track.

Now that would be "CHANGE" that the whole country would welcome.

P.S. Since we introduced this idea of a political pre-nup not even one candidate or elected official has volunteered to sign on

It's Time For A Political Pre-Nup

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