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PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:12 pm    Post subject: HERE HE COMES TO SAVE THE DAY!
From Thu Jun 12, 2008 3:00 am to Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:59 am (included)
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It was reported today the Governor Patterson is demanding an audit of the Port Authority and the rebuilding process at Ground Zero.

Well excuse me if I donít get too excited as we have been through this again and again.

Audits have been demanded and conducted and their results either not published or ignored.

Governor Pataki and the mayor created the problem by giving the Port Authority and the LMDC total control and not holding them responsible for anything including the proper recovery of remains.

Someone should do an audit of the hiring practices of the Port Authority and the LMDC (and the numerous other alphabetical agencies created after 9/11) to see how many members of Patakiís staff now have executive positions with the PA or businesses doing business with them.

Things did not get any better under Spitzer as our concerns and recommendations fell on deaf ears with him as well.

Now Patterson steps in and is going to make everything right! WRONG

Here is a little history lesson just over the past few years.

In August 2006 City Controller William Thompson demanded that the Port Authority to give a detailed account of $600 Million in lease payments.

Havenít heard much about that have we?

It was reported in January 2008 that hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars earmarked for the demolition of the Deutsche Bank Building had been ripped off with questionable corporate and bank transfers to shell companies with mob connections.

Over a million pages of subpoenaed documents.

Good bang for our bucks with that one.

And now almost three months after ďtechnical and financial challengesĒ were once again raised threatening an already delayed and well over budget project the Governor is going to step in like Mighty Mouse and save the day.

I can almost hear the music in the background.

Well the joke is once again on us.

Nothing is going to come out of this as nothing has come out of any of the hundreds of audits and investigations and reports.

What is the point of investigating if?

A) No one trusts the investigation as it is being performed in house or by people associated with those being investigated.

B) Nothing is ever done to implement the findings

C) No one is ever held accountable.

You have to love the way things are done.

We create agencies and authorities that are not responsible to anyone and they just do as they please.

Itís not only at Ground Zero as we are constantly being ripped off by the MTA (looking for another raise) the TBA the LMDC and the list goes on an on.

Agencies created to bypass the checks and balances of local government.

If the Governor really wanted to do something maybe he should meet with the people that have been questioning what has been going on since more then half the trucks carrying the steal beams from Ground Zero never made it to their designated destination.

And while heís at it he can also find

Why we still canít get answers about the identification of remains from the city?

Why was the sifted material; from the latest recovery effort shipped to Fresh Kills and are they going to be buried under tons of garbage as were the previously sifted material?

What is the latest cost estimate for the Memorial?

How much money has been spent on administrative salaries for the LMDC and other agencies created since 9/11?

These are just a few questions that we would like him to get answered, as our requests to the mayor and the PA have been ignored.

If he really wanted to do something he need only pick up the phone and give us a call.

Now that would be something
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