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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:53 pm    Post subject: GIULIANI CAMPAIGN REFUSES TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT 9/11
From Mon Feb 04, 2008 3:00 am to Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:59 am (included)
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Statement of Deputy Chief Jim Riches, FDNY


Dep.Chief Jim Riches 917-692-1199

The 9/11 families and firefighters traveled to New Hampshire and Florida to set the record straight on Rudy's failures before,during and after 9/11. We were seen in newspapers, local radio, and Television news shows. At every turn, Rudy's paid surrogates, under his direction attacked us with vicious and hateful accusations. They made some statements about 9/11 which were in direct contrast to all investigations of 9/11,(the 9/11 Commission, NIST and McKinsey reports.) Since 9/11/01, Giuliani and his cronies have done nothing except politicize and profit handsomely from the worst day in US history, a national tragedy.

1. Howard Safir said "Chief Riches and his group denigrated the heroism of all the heroic firefighters and police officers who died on 9/11.- It is unconscionable that families are politicizing 9/11."
2. It is a disgrace that the 9/11 families are politicizing 9/11!!! - Joe Lhota

1. The radios worked on 9/11.
2. Required respirators were distributed.
3. We are a front group for the Democratic unions. UFA and UFOA both had backed Bush and Giuliani. I voted for Bush and three times for Giuliani.

Rudy, your quest for the presidency was rejected by America. You tried to stop the 9/11 commission from being formed. Now , lets's set the record straight about 9/11 for all to see. History deserves to be recorded correctly.


Rudy, stop the name calling and other excuses and answer our questions. Don't tell us : the terrorists are responsible- we are Democrats- we are angry- It was greatest rescue effort ever- it is a union conspiracy- or that we are unpatriotic to question Rudy about 9/11 failures.

America and the 9/11 families deserve answers to these questions:

1. Why did firefighters have precisely the same radios in 2001 which had also failed in 1993?? Why weren't they interoperable (agencies would be able to communicate with each other). Ignored Chief of Dept FDNY, Anthony Fusco's recommendations of 1993 WTC attacks about communication failures.
**** " Preponderance of evidence indicates emergency responders lives lost at WTC on 9/11 resulted from lack of timely information sharing and inadequate communication capabilities." National Institute of Standards and Technology. Go to the videotape of 9/11/01 of French filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet and there is no communication from units that proceed up the stairs to the Lobby Command Post in the North Tower. The chiefs receive no response from units. Also you have said technology for interoperable radios (PD-FD) was impossible, yet 70% of 192 major cities had interoperable radios.

2. Why did your administration buy untested Digital Radios with no bid contract with politically connected company,Motorola which failed in 1 week of use in early 2001??
*** Someone decided to buy 3,818 individually higher priced, digital radios, without any competitive bidding, radios that had never been field tested. see "Radio Silence FDNY" page 178

3. Why were there no COORDINATED,HANDS ON and COMPREHENSIVE interagency drills at WTC similar to 1993 attack as was recommended in 1993 recommendations of Chief Fusco,FDNY Chief of Dept??
*** Pd and FD operated autonomously and were not comprehensively prepared to coordinate efforts. Information that was critical to informed decision making was not shared among agencies.- 9/11 commission

4. Why were 911 dispatchers telling people in towers to Remain in Place ? (FD command called for self evacuation of both towers at 8:57 AM. Dispatchers also said to go to roof (No roof Rescue would be attempted ) right up until the collapse of both towers? Self evacuation also recommended in 1993 by Chief Fusco
*** On 9/11 at 9:20 AM Giuliani arrived at FDNY Command Post and spoke to Chief of Dept. Pete Ganci.Ganci told Rudy ,"The message has to be" Get in a stairway and come down. DO NOT STAY there."the mayor recalled Ganci saying, Of course, the emergency operators NEVER stopped giving precisely the opposite advice." Grand Ilusion" pg 340- I guess Rudy forgot to relay this critical information to 911 dispatchers.

5 What happened to Office of Emergency Management,the hallmark of your tenure, on 9/11?? Totally useless and invisible on 9/11, with no hi rise plan????
***.It is a startling and undisputed fact that OEM failed to fully establish the most basic aspect of emergency response:determining who was in charge. NY Times by Al Baker.
6 Why did you have unqualified commissioners in PD,FD, and OEM on 9/11??
***TomVon Essen,Firefighter, lowest rank in Dept. ,never passed promotional exam
Bernard Kerik, Chauffeur/Detective, 8 years in PD, lacked college degree required by PD Lieutenants, known criminal ties,never passed promotional exam and then recommended to Head of Homeland Security(very poor judgement)
Richie Sheirer, ex Fire Dept dispatcher, political crony who had dispatchers union endorse Rudy Giuliani in his mayoral campaign.

7 Why did you place Emergency Command Center at 7WTC, "Walking distance from City hall -next to prime terrorist target and threat by terrorists of their return." ?????
*** Jerry Hauer, ex head of OEM, recommended Brooklyn as Command Center location,but Rudy insisted that it be within walking distance of City Hall. Hauer has written documentation and said it was Rudy's decision. Aggainst the advice of CIA,FBI,PD and FD

8 Why did you place inexperienced city agency,Dept of Design and Construction, in charge of WTC removal effort???
***Mike Burton,DDC employee,supervised the cleanup and demolition at WTC,testified that" ultimately the mayor gets the responsibility for what happened down there." also,"everything was coordinated through Burton's boss,Holden,the deputy mayors and the mayor himself." Grand Illusion-p257

9) Why the lies about the quality of air at WTC?? Dept of Environmental Protection,city agency, in late Sept 2001 tests showed high levels of asbestos??
*** City agencies,Dept of Health (test interior of buildings) and dept of Environmental Protectiontion (exterior) had tests showing high levels of asbestos.Rudy ,you should have erred on the side of caution and safety. Everyone behaved as if eliminating tons of dust from office towers that contained tons of asbestos,lead and other toxic materials was just another janitorial function. David Newman, industrial hygienist called it the "Wild West " out there. Congressman Nadler said "The Giuliani administration did nothing but put wrong information on their website and welcomed people to take action that would cause premature death."
The city's test results were concealed from the public, according to the New York Environmental Law and Justice Project,which obtained the unreleased numbers from the state and posted them in 2004. No warnings were issued despite the hazardous levels of asbestos up to 7 blocks away from Ground Zero.

10 Why no proper face fitted respirators until November 2001? Mandatory proper respirators were in use at the Pentagon.
*** "The failure to require proper health and safety gear at the site was inexcusable and the result will almost certainly be unnecessary disease and death," said Dr. Phillip Landrigan of Mount Sinai Hospital. Better protective gear for extended hazardous exposure operations had been one of the 1993 WTC recommendations of Chief Fusco,FDNY.Giuliani administration ignored those recommendations.
The Law Department said in memo to Deputy Mayor Robert Harding that rescue workers had been provided with faulty or no equipment(ie.respirators) and that Ground Zero was "UNSAFE WORKPLACE" under various federal safety and labor laws. Giuliani wrote Congress on Nov 1 ,2001 to include injured first responders in Victim Comp. fund and limit city liability to $350 million. Grand Illusion p 259

11 Why no unified command at WTC as was the case at the Pentagon?
***"Lack of unified command at WTC dramatically impacted the loss of first responders lives on 9/11" were the words of Ed Plaugher, Chief of Arlington County FD and incident Commander at Pentagon on 9/11 before the 9/11 Commission in testimony at New York public hearings.

12. Why are there still human remains of 9/11 heroes still in Staten Island Fresh Kills GARBAGE dump?
*** The families presently have lawsuit to remove the human remains from Garbage Dump in Staten Island to a proper and decent tomb.

13. Why did you say that you were at WTC as much as First Responders when you were at Yankee Stadium more in a three month period of 2001??
*** Rudy , The NY Times has documented your time at Ground Zero (Tours around perimeter of WTC site) and your front row seats at Yankee Stadium baseball games. 33 hours at Yankee Stadium and 29 hours at WTC. Are you delusional? First responders worked 12 hour days and 7 days a week.

14. Rudy, why did you and all your future millionaire,incompetent commissioners run from WTC 30 minutes BEFORE any Tower had fallen to the safety of 75 Barkley St. which suffered no structural damage to the interior or exterior of building?? Did you hear that another plane was in the air and left??

Rudy, the 9/11 families and all of America are waiting for you to step up to the plate and answer the questions. We will not go away as we are the voices of our sons and loved ones. Stop the mudslinging and excuses and ANSWER the QUESTIONS !!!! Let history be recorded correctly. The heroes stayed and died on 9/11.

Deputy Chief Jim Riches FDNY 917-692-1199
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