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PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:10 am    Post subject: THOSE WHO DO CARE MUST CONTINUE TO FIGHT
From Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:00 am to Tue Jul 31, 2007 1:59 am (included)
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Yesterday an additional 29 remains were recovered from the former site of the St. Nicholas Hellenic Orthodox Church bringing the total to 206 remains from that location alone.

If you add that to the 407 remains that were recovered from the Haul Road the total is 613 remains.

613 remains from two locations that the city refused to include in their new search plan in October.

Even though we specifically asked that they be included as priority sites in the new search.

Below is an excerpt from a posting on 11/1/06

Even though there have been WTC items found in the fill under the service road they currently are not planning to excavate it. Instead they are planning to drill pilot test holes.
The reason they are not proceeding with the excavation of the road is that the Port Authority is stating that the road is necessary to continue the construction work.
The bottom line is since WTC items have been found the road should be excavated. Once again this should not be about reconstruction it should not be about money it should be about the proper recovery of remains.
It should also be about holding people responsible. If anything but fresh fill was used on this service road the company contracted to build it should face the appropriate charges.

While we are on the subject of proper recovery efforts I hope that everyone is aware that none of the debris from the basement of St. Nicholas Hellenic Orthodox Church was ever removed.
Anything that was in the basement was left in the basement and the entire location was black topped over.
Even if there were no remains in the basement (how would we know now) we cannot believe that church artifacts might have been buried under when the church was razed and might now be under blacktop.
It is now one thing after another and we are supposed to believe that things will get better.

Now almost nine months later they are just recovering these remains.

If we new that that the Haul Road contained remains and that it was most likely constructed from fill from the site why didnít the city?

If we knew that the site of the St. Nicholas Hellenic Orthodox Church was bulldozed over and never searched, why didnít the city?

Why did the city purposely leave these two locations off the new search plan?

Why did they just drill pilot test holes?

Were they hoping to miss remains?

Have they ever explained how two 18 foot steel beams were missed under the Haul Road during the original search?

And how come they have never published how many personal items and debris from the WTC have been recovered since October?

Could it be that the facts would prove that these areas were never searched properly and that in the rush to reconstruct the site these errors of omissions were overlooked?

We know of air shafts on buildings that have never been search.

We even visited an area near the site that has debris that might be from the towers, a site that was never searched after 9/11

But the city refuses to expand its search to additional rooftops or outside the perimeter of the site.

After finding 1637 remains that they missed during the first search they still refuse to revisit Fresh Kills because according to them they did not miss anything there.

Their track record doesnít seem to support this.

Could the real reason be that they just do not care?

It appears that way.

Today we had to send a letter to Bloomberg and Spitzer protesting the move of the 9/11 ceremony from the site. A move that would have been unheard of just a few years ago.

But things like this continue to be necessary because they just donít care.

Those of us who do must continue the fight
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