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Reaction to the latest update on human remains

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:44 pm    Post subject: Reaction to the latest update on human remains
From Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:00 am to Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:59 am (included)
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Dear families and friends,

The following is my reaction to the attached update sent out by Deputy Mayor Skyler's office. Please feel free to pass it on to any and all, including people of the press. I am totally disgusted!


We have just received the attached document. It essentially says that the effort to find human remains is OVER. In September 06, we asked for written copies of their protocols and procedures. We were told it was ,"No problem," and we would get them ASAP.....needless to say, we never got a thing despite many reminders by phone and through email.

At an October 27th, 2006, we asked a series of questions and asked for a meeting that ALL could attend which would clarify many problems we had with the search for human remains. Our questions were never answered and a spokesperson for the Deputy Mayor said that meeting with families would be "too contentious." We followed-up on these questions by email and telephone, but these questions were never answered.

At another meeting on April 27, 2007 we posed further questions. When we asked why we had never received the written protocols we had asked for, we were told they really didn't exist. They were created as they went along to allow for flexibility!!!! So, no basic protocols were ever available for scrutiny. We asked several very specific questions at this meeting. We were told to give the questions to the Chief of Staff for the Deputy Mayor for Administration, which we did. These have never been answered, claiming they are trying to be "thorough," despite the fact that many of the questions require very specific one or two word answers.

Yesterday I wrote once again asking for answers to these questions...you know the results. They didn't respond to me but rather issued a statement that indicated they are essentially finished with the search. I have all along thought that they would not answer our questions in a timely fashion waiting until they declared everything finished and rendering any discussion of the questions and answers moot. That is just what they did.

We can never rest easy when the answers to our questions were veiled in secrecy. In addition we objected to the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) assigning the areas to be searched. This is inappropriate on two levels. First, the DDC has absolutely NO expertise in the recovery of human remains. And, second, and perhaps more important, the DDC is directly responsible for the horror of the human remains having been left at the site. They are the ones who rushed the initial efforts. They are the ones who decided that "scoop and dump" was the way to go, and, MOST HORRIBLY, they are the ones who built a road on top on dead bodies, knowing they were there. Had CON ED workers not accidentally found some remains, the DDC would have kept quiet about the remains.

So, read this document and notice several things:

1. They claim they did a "visual" inspection before taking material to Brooklyn. We do not know who made these inspections. We do not know what training the workers had to enable them to adequately recognize human remains. They merely scooped material from some areas and dumped it in Brooklyn. Who knows what damage was done to brittle remains.
a.) they let us see work at 11 Water Street in Brooklyn
b.) they refused to let us see what was happening at the dumping site on 39th Street, Brooklyn
c.) they refused to let us see the onsite work of "searching" for remains before scooping and dumping.

2. In calling the search at 130 Liberty Street over, they refer to "existing protocols" which, if they exist, we have never seen.

3. They continue to use eufemisms like "subterranian structures" when, upon questioning them, we learned that means "SEWERS." Obfiscation only serves to try to make this horror seem more palitable but does nothing to help clarify the situation.

4. They mention that some areas couldn't be searched beause they are obstructed by new construction. In other words, they were willing to leave the area unchecked for four years and now use new construction as an excuse for not checking those areas.

Also, please note that it is business as usual....the "inspected" material has been taken to Fresh Kills where it is awaiting dumping. The people of Staten Island deserve better, and the dead deserve more respect!

I do not think in the five years since my son was murdered and thrown away I have cursed anyone, but today, I can easily say that I hope the spirits of the dead haunt these vile people for the rest of their days.

Diane Horning
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