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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:45 pm    Post subject: CITY CONTINUES TO IGNORE 9/11 FAMILY REQUESTS
From Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:00 am to Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:59 am (included)
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I have been trying to get the Family Assistance office to respond to several questions and to respond to the attached nine points left with them on October 27. (see below) At that time, Sally Regenhard, Charles Wolf and I were told a response, in writing, would come within a few days. Since that time, we have had no response. We have been issued a letter ( Nov. 15) through Deputy Mayor Skyler's office saying, among other things, that material from the new "search" for human remains will be taken to the Fresh Kills dump. I have called Mr. Brennan, the name indicated as our contact person, but have had no response from him.

Here is the point: I finally got through to Chris Coffey in the Mayor's office yesterday afternoon. He said they are tied up in meetings, etc., because of the terrible tragedy involving the shooting in Queens a few days ago. This is, of course, where the City should be. This is the reason we have asked that JPAC come in to be the managerial and organizational entity in the recovery of human remains from September 11, 2001. The City has its own work to do. They are legitimately distracted by other events taking place within the City and must attend to City business. We have asked that the recovery of these remains be taken on by an entity that has ONLY that one mission to accomplish. The City, in asking for JPAC, would not be showing its weakness. Rather, it would be acknowledging that it must tend to City business as it occurs and cannot devote full time to this search and recovery.

I called again today and was told that Coffey, Skyler, Brennan and all other people who could answer my questions are in Queens again today. There was no one available to deal with my questions. So, once more, we have to stress that we need another entity to oversee the recovery of human remains and answer our questions.
Please notice on the attachment that #7 asks for a full meeting with any and all families about this issue. So far, the only response I have is a cursory comment from Mr. Coffey that they feel such a meeting would be "too contentious." It is time for everyone to demand such a meeting. I will keep you posted on any new developments.

Diane Horning

City Hall Meeting on The Recovery of Human Remains:

October 27, 2006

1. The emphasis of the human remains recovery effort must shift from accidental search to a PROACTIVE, controlled survey approach. This survey must be led by JPAC, a scientific, specialized organization. JPAC will work in conjunction with the City, but this specialized team will lead the effort. We recognize that the City's intentions have been good, but the City simply does not have the needed expertise and resources to conduct the proper procedure.

2. Based on the assessment by this specialized team, we anticipate a greatly expanded search area far beyond the areas being searched now.

3. We expect a timetable and budget to be set by this team. This timetable and budget should be independent of the construction timetable and budget. Both should be set at the advice of the specialized team and should be made available publicly as soon as they are set.

4. The work will then be mapped, directed and executed in tandem with the City, not instead of the City.

5. We recommend surveying the following areas led by the scientific team invited into the site.

a. The entire service road (also called the haul road) from Vesey Street to Liberty Street along West Street.

b. The "green grass" area by the 1 & 9 subway line.

c. Buildings to include but not limited to:
World Financial Center 1, 2 and 3
130 Cedar Street
Fiterman Hall
130 Liberty Street (the Deutsche Bank building)

6. The above areas (see #5) will be considered the initial phase, Phase I, of the project.
The City is aware that at least several hundred buildings most likely contain human remains and need to be examined. With the advice and expertise of JPAC, Phase II will be built on the exploration of additional sites.

7. The City must host a meeting in a large facility where any and all families can hear about the latest developments, ask questions and gather information. This meeting should be on the scale of family meetings held by the City of New York in 2001 and early 2002. We do not want today's meeting represented as, "We have met with the families." That is not sufficient. Keep in mind that only two family organizations are represented here today. We insist on the opportunity for all 9/11 family members to be fully informed regarding this human remains issue.

8. Phase III will address the continued unwillingness by the City to discuss the status of Fresh Kills. Discussions must begin involving families, their representatives and the City concerning the disposition of the human remains which are still in Fresh Kills on Staten Island.

9. Future discussions and decisions about the issue of the retrieval of human remains of the victims of the 9/11 attacks must include input from the families of the victims. Those discussions and decisions must be open and transparent.

Diane Horning, WTC Families for Proper Burial, Inc.
Sally Regenhard, Skyscraper Safety Campaign
Charles Wolf, 9/11 Family Member
Glenn Corbett, Technical Advisor

To see how our request to see the protocols in place was handled go to

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