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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:41 pm    Post subject: THEY BROKE OUR HEARTS THEY WILL NOT BREAK OUR SPIRIT
From Thu Nov 16, 2006 2:00 am to Tue Nov 21, 2006 1:59 am (included)
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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Arthur Schopenhauer

A little over 6 months ago the hearts of many 9/11 family members were broken as hundreds of human remains were found in the Deutche Bank Building.

As we approached the 5th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks the wounds suffered nearly 5 years ago were reopened. The families, many whom had been notified on numerous occasions that remains had been found, wondered if they would get the call.

Families that never got the call wondered if they would. Maybe after almost five years that maybe, just maybe they might have something of their loved ones to bury.

It was about the same times that the lies started to be spread.

We were told that this was just an isolated incident.

We were told that the Deutsche Bank Building was the exception to the rule.

Because of its damaged condition and legal status it was not properly searched.

We were assured that this would not happen again as the rest of the area had undergone a comprehensive search.

The families were skeptical but what could they do. As always they were at the mercy of the mayor and the LMDC.

They called for JPAC to be brought in to review what had been done and to coordinate a proper search.

We were once again rebuffed by the mayor and once again told that this was an aberration and that it would not happen again.

Our concerns were ignored our recommendations rejected and the mayor and the LMDC went on to more important things.

He became the Chairman of the Memorial Foundation to help them raise money for an underground memorial unwanted by most family members.

The LMDC stepped away and was replaced by the LMCCC because this was no longer about development it was about construction.

Lower Manhattan needed to be rebuilt and human remains were not going to stand in the way.

Even though we clearly stated that JPAC would not interfere with the construction that was now the city’s party line.

We were told that the original search was complete and comprehensive and that everything possible was done to find remains.

The PR squad was then sent out to make sure that everyone new that something like this would never happen again.

They maintained that the families were making much ado about nothing and that JPAC was not necessary and that if they were brought in they would bring the entire rebuilding process to a halt.

These lies were like salt being placed in the wounds of all family members.

Again there was nothing that they could do.

The families were outnumbered and those involved with the rebuilding process appeared at every turn.

You found them at every community board meeting.

You found their quotes in every paper and on every news show.

They ran the show and the families were not even invited to the meetings.

Fast forward six months.

Con Edison is cleaning out manholes.

Standard operating procedure.

They are not looking for remains; they are just vacuuming out sludge to clear the manholes as they had countless times before.

But the vacuum gets jammed and in an attempt to free the clog a human bone is found. Not a tiny fragment but a full bone.

The news outlets get the news before the families are notified and family members have to hear about the finds on the radio or TV newscasts.

In the ensuing days another 209 human remains are uncovered and guess what happens.

The lies continue and the original story changes.

Maybe some areas were overlooked.

The original search might have been rushed because the families were in such a rush to find their loved ones.

How dare the families criticize the valiant efforts of the recovery workers. They did the best they could.

The PR machine was in full force once again.

We were told the new plan was going to be “complete and comprehensive” and nothing would be overlooked.

We were once again told that JPAC was unnecessary and they even went as far as to hire 2 ex JPAC team members to state that this was not JPAC’s area of expertise.

If it weren’t their area of expertise than why hire two of their ex team members.

Why? Because the PR machine was now in damage control overdrive.

Once again the stories read “Families call for a complete stoppage of construction at Ground Zero” and “ JPAC could not do any more then the current team and that they would only delay the rebuilding process”

Lies of course but when the truth hurts your position print the lies because the best defense is a good offense.

So here we are with the city’s release of its latest search plan. At this point we don’t even know what version this is.

Monday night a resolution to call in JPAC was to be introduced to the WTC committee of Community Board 1.

At the last minute the strategically placed supporters of the LMCCC had it replaced with one supporting the mayor’s position.

Items that were to be read at the meeting weren’t.

And once again family members were treated as a nuisance.

Last night the resolution supporting the mayor’s position was presented at the full meeting of Community Board 1.

They were all there to bask in their victory.

But a funny thing happened.

Some people on the Community Board were not taken in by all of the lies and they stated that they needed more information from both sides.

The resolution was not approved it was tabled.

What’s in today’s paper? Stories about the mayor’s great new search plan and the pouring of the foundations at Ground Zero.

So once again we are left to tell the story.

They may have broken our hearts but no matter how hard they try they will not break our spirit.

We will continue to ask the real questions.

Why are they only doing test drillings?

Why are they not excavating the service road even though WTC articles have been found?

Why are they not excavating the basement of the Greek Church even though they know the basement was never searched?

Why are they only searching 4 buildings?

Who determined the depths of the drillings and why have they changed 3 times over the past week?

If JPAC will not interfere with the current search and won’t delay construction why aren’t they being called in?

Why has not the original and new plan been made public?

Why have we heard nothing about the remains from the Deutche Bank Building?

It is up to us to continue to make sure that the public knows what is really going on.

We must not allow them to break our spirit. We owe it to our loved ones.

The mayor should heed the following advice from Hugh White

“When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”

Put It Above Ground
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