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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 10:07 am    Post subject: SAME OLD STORY
From Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:00 am to Sun Oct 29, 2006 1:59 am (included)
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Since we have not gotten updates from the Mayor's Office ( and to our knowledge neither have any of the 9/11 Family Groups ) we are once again posting the questions that we wanted raised at the last meeting.

One would think that Mr. Skyler would have at least reached out for input from the families if he was putting together a new proposal for the Mayor.

It is also disheartening to hear comments about areas that might have been missed during the original search effort.

Wouldn't it have made sense after the Deutche Bank fiasco to review what was done and determine what was missed.

Here we are six months removed from the Deutche Bank finds and if it weren't for this accidental discovery last week these remains would have been built over with no chance of recovery.

So once again since we are being excluded from the process we would like to go on record with the following

Since the family groups have not been invited to participate and it appears that we are now being blamed for the original rushed effort to get Ground Zero searched we would like to list some questions that we would like answered at today’s meeting.

If there was an original strategic plan for the recovery of remains can we get a copy of it as we would like to see if it contained

Detailed description of the perimeter of the search both aerial and below ground

Protocol for the identification and handling of remains

A complete mapping of all of the subway, sewer systems, utility conduits etc. that needed to be searched.

Analysis of the dust cloud to determine how far out potential remains could have been dispersed.

If the site coordinators were congratulated for completing the job ahead of schedule we would like to know what their responsibilities were.

We would also like to know if there is any truth to the rumor that items have been found in the fill under the temporary road that was dug up to uncover these manholes as this would indicate that soil from Ground Zero was used instead of fresh fill

We would like to know if any of these manholes were covered during the building of the Transit Hub and if any remain covered at the bottom of the pit

We would like to know if the rumor that additional potential “hot spots” for potential remains were identified prior to the most recent finds. If so what is being done to facilitate a search of those areas and why were they not searched previously

We would like to know if there was an accounting for each truck that left the site and a confirmation that it reached its proper destination (Fresh Kills etc)

We would like to know what individual was responsible for the overall day to day recovery effort

Since the personal items process was basically shut down earlier this year as it was determined that all possible items had been found how are these newly found items being handled.

The recent finds have created a marked increase in the number of mental health issues with victims and their families. Many of the mental health benefits provided by the Red Cross and other agencies have run out or will be ending soon. Are there any plans in place to extend these programs or at least create PSA’s to let people know what is still available?

These recent finds clearly indicate that there were serious flaws in the recovery effort at Ground Zero how can we be assured that the same errors did not take place at Fresh Kills.

Since this is not NYC property why does the mayor have the final say to who can and cannot be called into help

These are just a few of the questions we would like asked and answered at today’s meeting.

What is the current protocol in place in keeping 9/11 families and the public up to date with the current search.

What is the timeframe for the identification of the new remains as well as those uncovered at the Deutche Bank building

Please feel free to submit additional questions you may have at info@where-to-turn.org or 718-966-6531 and we will add them to this posting.

We also call on the press to ask these questions as well as it appears we are not welcome at the meeting

We can only hope that someone in authority will stand up at the meeting and call for JPAC to be called in as it is clear that this will never end unless that happens

Put It Above Ground
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