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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 7:49 pm    Post subject: HUMAN REMAINS AT GROUND ZERO
From Thu Oct 19, 2006 2:00 am to Sun Oct 22, 2006 1:59 am (included)
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To All,
As you all probably know by now a significant amount of human remains and personal articles were found at Ground Zero yet again. These remains were also removed and transported from the site prior to being examined by forensic experts.
Major family groups were not notified of these finds and the information was sent to a select few. The WTC Families for a Proper Burial were not even notified.
Below are two of many postings on the Put It Above Ground website showing that we have been continuously calling for the mayor and the other involved agencies to address this issue.
There will continue to be remains found at the site and surrounding areas until a proper search is done.
We were told that the only reason that remains were found at the Deutche Bank Building was because the building was closed to searches. It will be interesting to see the spin that is put on today’s finds. This has been a construction site for over 3 years. God only knows how many remains have been and continue to be missed.
We need JPAC and we need them now.
We need this to stop and we need it to stop now.
It is a crime that the powers that be are more concerned about fundraising then they are about a proper search for remains.

June 2, 2006
On April 14, 2006 the Skyscraper Safety Campaign called on President Bush to send in the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command’s Central Identification Laboratory Team (JPAC) to help coordinate the proper recovery of human remains from the Deutche Bank building and areas surrounding Ground Zero. (see below)
Since that time Senators Schumer and Clinton have added their voices to this call.
The response from Washington was that they are willing to send in this team but they cannot do so unless the Mayor or Governor puts in a request.
Despite the fact that
Many additional remains have been found at 130 Liberty
Our requests to know where the so called debris from the 130 Liberty has been sent have gone unanswered.
We have not been provided with any updates in almost a month as to additional finds at the location
This request has still not been made.
Yesterday we had almost universal outrage from our New York elected officials in response to the 40% cut in federal security funds.
But here we have the Federal Government offering the services of the most highly trained recovery team in the world that have at their disposal the largest forensic anthropology laboratory in the world.
And we do not take advantage of the offer.
We continue to allow everything from recovery to rebuilding to be mishandled at Ground Zero and when outside help or recommendations are offered, they are ignored.
We once again ask all of you to contact the Mayor and the Governor to request that JPAC be employed to assist in the recovery effort.
At this point we should not be refusing any assistance.

Press Release: April 14, 2006
Sally Regenhard 646-266-1987
Jim McCaffrey 914-776-5737
Rosaleen Tallon 914-714-5515
Monica Gabrielle 917-923-0556
Dennis McKeon 718-619-2371

The Skyscraper Safety Campaign
Responds to the 300 human remains found at Ground Zero

Condemns the LMDC for gross mishandling of remains
Calls on President George W. Bush to intervene

The Skyscraper Safety Campaign, joined by other 9/11 family groups, was shocked and horrified to learn, not from the LMDC, but from sympathetic members of the NY media on Thursday evening, that after nearly five years, 300 human remains have been found at Ground Zero!

As a result of the startling find of 74 human remains at the Deutsche bank building on April 1, and the delayed announcement by the LMDC, several family group leaders were deeply concerned. Rather than utilizing well meaning construction workers to look for remains, we insisted upon a professional approach consisting of forensic anthropologists, and full time teams from the office of the Medical Examiner to conduct the searches. We issued a press release calling for a complete investigation of not only the Deutsche bank, but all of the surrounding buildings which surely still contain remains.

As usual, the LMDC ignored our initial pleas and requests, contacted only selected family members, misrepresented the statements of some group leaders, & ignored the public demands of other family members. The LMDC in all this time, has still not provided the type of staffing & OCME involvement we requested, has not issued the type of comprehensive policies, procedures, and written protocol that we insisted upon, and had issued no information to the families regarding the 300 remains until nearly two hours after the AP broke this horrendous story on April 13th..

Therefore, the SSC and accompanying groups call for the LMDC to relinquish control of Ground Zero. We also call upon the federal government to immediately intervene at Ground Zero. The LMDC has not adequately consulted with family members, and maintains a hostile environment towards the interests and rights of the families. It is time for the federal government to step in, and we will call on President George W. Bush to assist the families of the victims regarding the human remains of their loved ones .

We will initially call on President Bush to assist us by assigning The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command’s Central Identification Laboratory ( JPAC) to help the families of the victims of 9/11 find and identify their loved ones. JPAC contains the largest forensic anthropology laboratory in the world and we hope that they may aid in identifying over 9.000 remains in the Medical Examiner’s office plus the potential thousands of additional remains yet to be found in the buildings surrounding Ground Zero.

A description of the protocol of the JPAC Central Identification Laboratory from the www.jpac.pacom.mil web site states:
“…At a recovery site, the anthropologist directs the excavation much like a detective oversees a crime scene. Each mission is unique, but there are certain things that each recovery has in common. The first step is for the anthropologist to define the site or determine the site perimeter. Once that has been defined, a grid system is established. Careful excavation occurs using that grid system. Every inch of soil that comes out of the site is screened for any potential remains, any life support equipment or personal effects. Initial analysis occurs at the site, and the material is then brought back to the lab for further examination…” This is hardly the approach that the LMDC has taken over the past five years - and it is now time for professionalism at GZ.
It has been said that our First Responders and loved ones were the first soldiers in the war on terror. Now it is time for the federal government to come to the aid of our valiant lost loved ones.
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