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Millions Misspent for Katrina Relief What a Surprise

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:21 am    Post subject: Millions Misspent for Katrina Relief What a Surprise
From Wed Feb 15, 2006 3:00 am to Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:59 am (included)
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To All,

Here we go again. Another audit, the same results and the headlines are ablaze with headlines about how money was misspent and how people took advantage of the system. Did anyone expect anything different? Everyone knows that the system doesnít work but no one wants to fix it. We should do an audit on how much has been spent on audits and commissions and reports and compare it to how much has been recouped from these exercises in futility. The bottom line is that nothing is ever done we just spend good money after bad to fund these reports and investigations and no one ever follows the recommendations or goes after the guilty parties.

The results of the 9/11 Commission (as weak as they were) were released over a year ago. You can count on one hand how many were actually enacted.

An audit into the misuse of Homeland Security funds was completed in August 2005. To date the results have not been released from the Office of the Inspector General.

Hundreds of 9/11 loans were granted to ineligible recipients and to date there is not one case where we have seen that the money was returned or the banks held accountable .

Our letters to the editors of our local papers go unpublished and our letters to our local officials go unanswered. We have sent numerous recommendations as how to fix the process but they do not want to hear it. The most recent report on Katrina could have been summed up in one sentence ď Itís not our faultĒ. All they continue to do is point fingers and shift the blame.

Back in August we suggested that the government get some input from some of the grass root agencies that were involved at the hands on level. I am sure that millions was spent on this report and I do not know of one agency that was contacted.

Again back in August we suggested that going forward anyone who lives in a known natural disaster related area be asked to register when they buy or rent a home. The government would then know who the relief aid recipients would be in advance. This is a very simple solution which would cut considerably the cases of fraud. I guess that it just makes too much sense.

It comes to this. The Government has already proven it canít be reactive, has shown that it doesnít want to be proactive so it remains totally inactive.

If they are not going to follow recommendations from commissions or pursue audit findings why waste the money to begin with.

Letís take the money and put it to better use.


P.S I will continue to send these out to the local newspapers and elected officials. At least we are making the effort.
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