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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:14 pm    Post subject: THE CLOCK KEEPS TICKING BUT NO ONE IS LISTENING
From Tue Feb 07, 2006 3:00 am to Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:59 am (included)
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To All,

As the clock keeps ticking nothing continues to get done in regards to either the rebuilding at Ground Zero or the Misuse of the 9/11 Loan Program. All of our letters to the editors of the major New York papers have not been printed. We have not even been given a reason why. The bottom line is that the PA is going to get to do what they want at Ground Zero and once again be exempt from the NYC Building and Fire codes and absolutely nothing is going to be done to the businesses who illegally received 9/11 loans or the banks that authorized them. We will continue to push for something to be done and hopefully someone in authority will step up to the plate. Message to anyone who wants to be Governor; “If you want my vote you are going to have to address these issues and address them now.” Same goes for every Representative and Senator who is up for reelection. Hundreds of millions have been misspent, additional billions are being budgeted to be spent and no one wants to do a damn thing. It is an outright disgrace.
It is like a game of Three Card Monte at Ground Zero and the house always wins. Keep the families attention on where the memorial will be and how the names will be arranged on the memorial and they won’t notice that the buildings will get built and the owners will not be held accountable for any violations of the NYC Building and Fire Codes. The same goes on at the Federal Level. Keep them asking about the domestic wiretapping and they will forget about all of the money that was awarded in favorable contracts for which no services were ever rendered. Placate them with watching the Moussaoui trial on closed circuit TV and they will stop asking questions about the inappropriate 9/11 loans. As P.T. said “there’s a sucker born every minute” unfortunately in this case it is more like “there’s a sucker dying every minute”. They continue to live by the rule that it is easier to get forgiveness than permission. They will rebuild and God forbid something happens they will explain away why the fire proofing was not up to spec or why there weren’t alternate stairwells.
The problem is this is not only limited to Ground Zero. Remember a few months ago when they raised the military death benefit to $100,000 and all stood up on their soap boxes and patted themselves on their backs. They all had speeches about how much we owe it to our injured soldiers and to the families of those killed in action. Well since that time they have announced plans to close Walter Reed and we have to raise private funds through the Fallen Heroes Fund to build a hospital for the injured soldiers returning home because the government does not have the money to support the effort. Well how about allocating 5% of any military spending going to rebuild areas abroad and earmarking it veteran hospital and benefits. Seems to make sense since you have earmarked thousands of bills for everything from sanitation trucks in New Jersey to a bridge to nowhere in Alaska.
Here’s another idea why can’t we get all of our concerned candidates to allocate 10% of the gross revenues they raise for their campaigns and donate them to legitimate recovery efforts. If you haven’t noticed half of Mississippi and Louisiana are still under water with no recovery in site. How about sitting down with the volunteers who actually made a difference after Katrina and Rita and find out what is really needed instead of continuing the process of filling vital positions with political pay backs.
Finally in almost a year we were only able to get 44 members of Congress to sign on to a bill to prevent children from dying in accidents involving the tipping of furniture. HR Bill 1861 could have saved the lives of numerous children who died last year in these type of accidents but I guess because they were not old enough to vote or contribute to campaigns they were not important. Seems to me if they were this bill would not be dying in committee.
The clock is ticking and unfortunately no one is listening. Maybe we shouldn’t listen when they ask for our votes.

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