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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 12:08 pm    Post subject: LOST ART OF COMMON SENSE 7/21 Reply with quote

To All,

The following was posted back in July. I have received numerous requests to make it an ongoing forum. Beginninng tomorrow we will do just that. We will open a forum and ask our subscribers to submit examples of situations where common sense has been left out of the equation. This does not have to be 9/11 related but can be on any topic. As you can see since our first posting at least one item was resolved.

I look forward to all of your postings.



Back when I was a kid and I asked my dad what was the most important of our five senses I can remember him telling me that they were all equally important but none of them would be of any use at all if we didn’t have common sense. I bring this up because over the past four years I have come to realize that we seem to have lost our common sense. Here are a few examples:

The Drawing Center and the International Freedom Center at Ground Zero

As it appears that the great majority of the family members do not want these institutions at Ground Zero and that by law if they are permitted to be located there the government would not be able to limit what they exhibit, The common sense solution would be either not include them in the plan or move them from Ground Zero. The LMDC says they cannot find any other available space. It appears to me that there is 1.7 million square feet of office space at 7 WTC most of which has yet to be rented. Am I missing something?

The Federal Government Requires NY to return $125 Million in unspent 9/11 aid while an audit shows that in just one OHS agency there has been over $300 Million in questionable expenses.

It appears that New York gets penalized for not spending while other government agencies continue to spend like drunken sailors with little or no supervision. The common sense solution would be to allow NY to submit a detailed plan as to why the money is needed and how we plan to use it. The plan should include provisions for the removal of the ashen remains from Fresh Kills, Support for programs dedicated to teenage children of 9/11 victims and parents of adult victims. The plan should also include provisions for the impact of the 5th anniversary media blitz will have in 2006. Seems to make sense to me.

The Katie Elise & Meghan Agnes Act (HR Bill 1861) a simple and common sense legislation that could save children’s lives has little or no Congressional support

This bill would require any furniture or electronic appliances in jeopardy of tipping bear a warning label alerting consumers to the potential dangers of unsecured furniture. In addition, this furniture would be required to come packaged with anchoring devices and simple installation instructions, so it can be safely secured to wall studs. Children needlessly die from accidents that this bill could prevent. Currently the bill only has 41 co-sponsors (40 Democrats and 1 Republican). Despite numerous letters and a petition (http://www.PetitionOnline.com/HR1861/petition.html ) with 1,600 signatures from over 45 states, this bill has little support and no media coverage. Common sense should tell us that the number one priority for all of us should be the protection of our children. Despite the frequency of these accidents, there are currently no mandatory safety standards in place. Now is the time to provide consumers with the information they need to ensure their child’s safety in their home. Common sense should tell these elected officials to sign on and the media to step up to help us promote this cause.

We approve millions in military spending to rebuild Iraq while our critically injured soldiers get substandard treatment and medical facilities here at home.

As you know a bill was passed that upped the death benefits for the military from $12,500 to $100,000 and also increased maximum life insurance payouts from $250,000 to $400,000. While these changes are welcome and long overdue we should not continue our efforts because they unfortunately are not good enough. Most soldiers will not be able to afford the higher insurance premiums on their salaries so their families will never see the $400,000 in the event of their deaths. Also even though the bill does address some of the needs of critically injured soldiers with payments of up to $100,000 it still falls short in many areas.

You would think that since this was part of a 5th emergency spending package worth $82 billion and pushing the total cost off the emergency spending bills to over $300,000 billion that they would have found some additional ways to compensate our troops. A couple of common sense recommendations:

Increase the death benefit to $250,000 or have the Government pay the premiums on a $250,000 policy for each soldier that goes into combat. The soldiers would then decide if they would want to pay for additional coverage.

Assure that any widow or widower is not forced of a military base after the death of their spouse in combat as has been the case in the past.

Pass a measure that would allow hospitalized military personnel to have their long distance phone bills from any hospital billed to the office of the Senator or Congressman from their home state.

Make sure that a percentage of every dollar spent rebuilding structures in war areas goes to improvements on existing military hospitals. As part of this package we are spending $600 Million to build an embassy in Baghdad. While I am sure this is necessary I am also sure we could build a fine embassy for $450 Million and use the remaining $150 Million (25%) to upgrade facilities at Walter Reed or one of the other Military Hospitals.

This bill also includes money for armored vehicles and bullet proof vests. I am not saying these are not important but has the government taken any action to recoup the money spent on the faulty vests and armored vehicles that have contributed to the deaths of many soldiers. Where is the accountability? I may be wrong but I never heard of any of these companies being held responsible. They keep the money we pay them and we just keep giving them more even if they don’t deliver. Soldiers die and we keep paying these companies. Someone has to make sure these companies are held accountable. How about starting with the bullet proof vests that didn’t stop the bullets? Maybe we could set up scholarship funds for children of soldiers killed in action from the monies we recoup. These companies should also be denied further contracts if they are found to be responsible for supplying faulty products.

Its common sense. The long term needs of the injured soldiers need to be addressed and could also be assisted from the monies we save from the above recommendations.

A program exists that can build houses in Sri Lanka that were destroyed by the Tsunami for $2,500 apiece. Not one major support organization will designate funds for this program.

Common sense would dictate that there is less chance of disease and health related issues, if someone has a roof over their head. This program would provide that roof for thousands. There are millions available why is nothing being directed to this program. It doesn’t make sense

These are just a few suggestions. I am sure that there are hundreds of others. The bottom line is we have to bring back some common sense to our recovery efforts. As Don Wood states “Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed”. Let’s not be stupid and use some common sense to get back on track.
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