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Without the help of the Robin Hood 9/11 Relief Effort we would not have been able to turn what was once a vague idea into what we hope will be a website that will grow to help not only our 9/11 families but any victims who need support’

I would like to personally thank all of the staff who spent countless hours addressing our needs and concerns. Thank you for listening and for more importantly, thank you for responding. Thank You


Ronald Dabney

Anna Scott

Kenuka Kher

Hema Shenoi

Shawn Pattison

Carron Sherry

Debra Pipines

Cristina Teuscher

Patricia Priolet

Claudette Scheffold



I would like to thank David Saltzman, the Executive Director of Robin Hood, for putting together such a remarkable committee to address the victims’ needs. And I would like to thank the volunteers who gave of their time to be part of the Robin Hood Relief Committee. Thank You


David Saltzman

Maurice Chessa

Peter D. Kiernan III

David Puth

Dirk Ziff

Nancy Anthony

Peter Borish

Victoria Bjorklund



Finally I would like to thank the Director of the Robin Hood Relief Fund, Emary Aronson. I for one do not think that they could have found a better person for the job. She took on this almost impossible task and made it look easy. She was always available to answer a question or to find someone to help. Most importantly she really cared. If not for her tireless efforts many of us would not have been able to do what we did.

I would like to thank my staff who worked tirelessly to gather all of this information while fielding calls and managing programs Thank You


Debbie Finneran


Liz Strocchia


Kathy Daly





Dennis McKeon
Executive Director
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